A Journey To Inner Peace.

A journey to inner peace. In a way, this is for honest self expression and inspiration. Content is content and in a way, its all entertainment. More so for me and the audience, its fine art, in the pursuit of excellence.

This is my platform to speak and develop as a content creator.

We are all content creators.

This may be our form of expression for a period.

We are all influences.

And so, as a philosopher and spiritual teacher, I say how are you influencing.

Not so much the technical part, in the effect and interpretation others receive.

The ripple effect and degrees of influence are more profound than we may normally think.

Everything is energy and it is very easy to categorize it by energy or vibration, its how we best navigate ourselves.

What it means to be a toxic person and why no one really wants to be a toxic person. It all really depends upon ones awareness and this is what I help with.

Awareness and compassion are learned skills.

Let's take it further than just avoid the toxic.

If we are attracting toxic into our life, then we best have a look.

And I say embrace your healing journey as sometimes we are called to be the light in very dark places, that is why I say we are all dealt cards in life, we all have a purpose and mission here. It may not always be the exciting moment, generally speaking we don't sacrifice enough because we settle for the default.

There has been a lot of trauma and unresolved issues. It comes down to are you truly happy. What is happiness. The fulfillment in the pursuit of excellence. What is life. Why are we here.

It is time to sit and meditate upon these things.

It is time to give so much value to things that do not really hold that much value.

They represent something inside of us that can be shared.

It is easy to go to an established temple and feel at peace.

What would happen if a monk were taken to the center of a bustling city.

The true test is to be at peace in the midst of life's greatest teachings in storms.

It is great to meditate and go to your power animal cave all day but there is an economic, business world that we all in society live in.

Wealth is created through trade and it has bought many great benefits.

It is not just about who we may think we are, there is a big part in giving back, helping those unfortunate.

It is like we are all the Buddha without realizing. We have been born into a royal palace and only really experience life when we venture beyond the palace walls.

There are certain things that we all have to experience and there are unfortunate things in life. We all have a home here and there is plenty as we prosper through sharing and caring. We have so that we can give and we give so that we have. It is not in the doing but in the being that makes things happen.

There is a certain peace in the pursuit of a certain mission in life. A sense of purpose is so important. You do not need to be religious to feel a greater sense of purpose and force in life than what meets the eye. My path has been finding that on my own and here sharing that for others.

Service is the name of the game. We are here as humans so it is important to be human. We have great opportunity to really come and work together.

What do we really need?

We need to work together, it makes things so much easier.

I have a lot of ideas and this is where I just put them out there.

There are a lot of things for us to talk about so we have to change the discussion.

What is the narrative? Not going into it but gaining a broader perspective. Focusing on the temple.

What do we really need?

We need to be at peace with a clear mind.

What do we really need?

We need to know how to operate and contribution to an economic world.

Looking at the deeper things in life and developing our spiritual self.

Sharing compassion and making this world a beautiful place.

There is the spiritual work to do, things we have to face, to change.

The true meaning of resolution and repentance, to make change.

It is not just about feeling sorry and sorrowful. We ought to be glad and joyous.

Peace is something very sacred and rare. We get glimpses but what is true peace.

How much do we truly value and appreciate it. How well do we recognize it in every moment.

That is the true test. Most are householders and not monk or nun in sanctuary. There are kids and bills.

How much is related to focus, productivity, prosperity. Which in turn comes back to itself.

It all comes back to peace and so it is the great reset.

When the cycle comes out of control and you don't know how to change it, how do you.

How much room do you have for change inside yourself.

How much do you see that you can cultivate peace inside of yourself.

To really invest in meditation training.

This is what I help with as it has saved my life.

So we are saving lives here. Because I know how out of control life can seem, how confusing.

So to get out of confusion, have to find clarity. Have to stop the old narrative, thoughts and talk.

Sit in true peace for the great reset, to allow the mind to calm so that your life can calm.

Take time each day to just be and aware.

Allow yourself to listen and take action on the central intelligence and guidance system inside yourself.

You know what is best inside yourself. Everything you need is inside of you.

So how is your spiritual practice. Because excellence is a habit and it is about the pursuit of excellence.

Whatever you realize to devote to. It is your constant devotion and transformation that fulfills.

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