The Story of Master Shane


This is the story of Master Shane.

There is something that has always been guiding me inside. I have had to face the experience of death many times that has enriched me greatly. Many times as humans, we seek pleasure and avoid pain when they are one and the same as teachers of life. I felt a lot of confusion growing up and sought understanding in life. I sought self love, happiness, purpose, and peace.

I have the great fortune to continue my journey of learning what is truly important in life. Through certain challenges and practicing contentment, I have reached a certain point of peace inside myself. I have learned that service is my way as that is what fulfills my soul. To serve the world by being me and one with everything.

At one point, I chose to journey inside of myself and know thyself. I set myself up for success by cutting everything else off. It has not always been comfortable or nice though its what has allowed me to truly root and grow inside myself.

You see, my gift is that I know what is going on inside of me. The truth is inside of us and at one point, we must journey inside. We must let go of the need for constant stimulus and attention from others to shine that light on the true source within. As we do that, the true source shines all things within our personal reality and we see the truth and untruth in everything. The world of duality is the dance of one.

May peace be upon all.

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