What Am I Waiting On or For?

What am I waiting on or for? This is a new empowering question that I have been playing with. At one point, have to experience it for yourself, do your own experiments and see for yourself. I have been doing some interesting experiments and gaining a lot of clarity. Story of my life so far has been organization and structure. … Read More

What Do You Want To Become Easier?

What do you want to become easier in your life? This question seems very empowering to me as I entertain it this mornings walk. Building, what I say, is the “Magical Morning”. I am on a quest of sorts and one of them has been to organize my life, including the knowledge or data. It has been interesting understanding the … Read More

Seeking To Be One of Value

Seeking to be one of value is a worthy pursuit. Understanding that it is a pursuit, a journey of sorts. One day I read to seek to be a man of value and my life was never the same. Now, does that mean that my whole life transformed before my very eyes, no. Though my life was totally different from … Read More

Dream Into Being

Dream into being, dreams drive destiny. Inspired by potential is very powerful for someone to embrace for themselves. What is your focus? What do you want in life? It is not good enough to just go through the motions of life. There is a spiritual journey, path, that I am here to help others awaken to. There is a need, … Read More

Calming the Nerves, Relaxing Into Success

Time can fly, if we let it. Slowing down to speed up, just brain dumping. I find a lot of refuge in a library and it is clear that I am a writer. Oh, how I have traveled to so many different lands through books. The movie, The NeverEnding Story, is a great one that illustrates that. And I have … Read More

Student of The Universe Master Shane

Thinking of making this the theme of MasterShane.com brand, been thinking a lot about branding and my story. Best I can do is be the change, example and let you see how my mind works while establishing a successful career. Helping others get of their but, rid the excuses and just let life live. Been through a lot and made … Read More

Dare To Dream : Live Your Life

This is really the personal campaign that I am on right now. Have had a lot of aspirations and have come a long way in my spiritual understanding. And offering it in the most authentic way. It is very important to build ones spiritual practice and to cultivate beneficial values. We are all influencers and so self love and care … Read More

Embrace Your Healing Journey

Embrace your healing journey, asking myself what it is. Looking to express and get things done, building the 21 Point Meditation Experience. There are a lot of things to share and help with. Embracing your healing journey and looking for inner strength helps a lot. If one is drowning in water, to be helped in anyway, one needs to relax. … Read More

June 6, 2023 Checking in MasterShane.com

Hey, so it may have been awhile though what is time. Stepping into my potential for greatness, clearing my throat in a good way. So this helps others in their own discovery and self expression. Helping to inspire in building your own platform. It keeps coming back to best that Shane can do is embrace and share own healing journey. … Read More