The 21 Minute Meditation with Master Shane

Healing Holistic Being Temple™The Healing Holistic Being Temple™ online is a digital building or structure to help provide energetic service for All. This is a digital space for peace, health, wealth, prosperity, and well-being for All. There is something that believes in All of Life and we are all on our own healing journey. This is a space for All … Read More

Don’t You Have Work To Do? Building Momentum with Consistency, Understanding Commitment.

I am awakening to things that are helping me make life changing choices. Every choice is a life changer as they all add up. The level of clarity is awe inspiring and so here I am expressing. I seek to build healthy relations with those around me and worldwide. So this is a place for my expression and for those … Read More

This Is Your Moment To Shine

Moment To ShineThrow away past limitations and over flood your mind with success. The spiritual path is of success and achievement. Build your inner faith with personal prayer and certain right action.Identify and Manifest Your Ideal Solutions in LifeThrow away past results and use them as feedback. Change the way you do things and the things that come back to … Read More

Development of Self and Master Shane

The development of self has helped me tremendously in my personal growth here. I got into, what you can call, the personal development or self-help industry. As someone who enjoys their study, when I was not going to college, I was studying on my own. I love books and the wisdom that can be communicated through can be life changing, … Read More

Hello world!

Welcome to, hi, my name is Shane and this is the space where I am publicly sharing my journey here. I have been on a journey of self discovery and love. As I felt a lot of things growing up that I did not understand though I felt a need to, I sought hard. Through my journey this far, … Read More