Calming the Nerves, Relaxing Into Success

Time can fly, if we let it. Slowing down to speed up, just brain dumping. I find a lot of refuge in a library and it is clear that I am a writer. Oh, how I have traveled to so many different lands through books. The movie, The NeverEnding Story, is a great one that illustrates that. And I have come so far in healing and wisdom. I can say that this new idea of gamifying your life, is very stimulating. And some say that the best way to change your life is with massive inspired action. So there is that part of it.

I have been studying a lot of branding and looking at how to clearly communicate. I can see the pitfalls and the importance of clear communicating as a brand and to resolve any confusion. This has been a delicate procedure in known human history, as far as we are concerned. There have been a lot of blunders and it can be easy to laugh and criticize that. The fact is that we are all figuring it out on our own journey and there is a timelessness. You can use your imagination to experience what it would be like to live in a different time and space. I have done this for a long time now, since a child. I have looked over many books and I think that it is a good word to associate reading to help better understand human learning and speed reading. Everything you encounter is impressed upon the mind to some degree, the question for you is, to what degree.

So, Internal Arts Mind, is about using what has been going on, what we can learn from it, and to reprogram ourselves to experience new vistas. Master Shane Blog is where I get more personal, still looking to have a private life though here to live a public life. Looking to build new training groups to become very strong inside themselves. There have been some, by digital marketers and others. Finding that line where criticism is constructive. Here to do my best, elevate my best and to teach. So, that is helping others help themselves in making forward progress in their life. It is not just a boasting platform, that is what the personal spiritual practice is for. I think people are looking for strong role models and there is so much more to positively impact and use the degrees of influence for the highest good of all.

Though the healing journey is our own and it is about taking personal responsibility. The spiritual path entails maturing our emotional intelligence. Being able to put aside our negative emotions, work together and get the job done, happily. It is an intensely empowering concept to meditate upon. What I can do is, I can do my best in creating a great learning environment for my clients, students, and audience. I seek to be a man of value and have been making sense of technology. As a child, I love it. And making it most useful, less of a distraction. Because, I think it can be used as a blessing or a curse. And that there may be a lot of people that get stuck in it, which is a teaching for how we get stuck in life. So, helping those who truly want to get unstuck, get unstuck in life.

I have seen many things so far and many have stayed away from technology. It has helped me do my own research a lot and I am very thankful. It helps us merge in ways that were not possible before. It creates this new world. So, the thing is to take use of it without it over consuming your normal life. Right now with all of the messages and suggestions, it is important to know yourself, know what you stand for and what you truly want. It can use up so much energy if you are constantly considering all of the deals being advertised. This is clearly illustrated going to the store. An old practice has been to write what you want or need on a piece of paper so that when you get there, you know exactly what to look for. You can disregard all of the other messages.

Life is all about perceptive and there is so much to discover. There are clues left behind by others who have figured things out without figuring them out. That is why we have so a great quality of living. You do not have to live your life like everyone else. What you have to do is do what makes you happy otherwise you will become resentful and unhappy to be around. And no one really wants to be around a toxic person but this is what we have to talk about in a non judgemental way because we have all become toxic to certain degrees. That is the healing journey in looking to mend your ways rather then fight with your brothers and sisters. To celebrate winning otherwise creating mixed signals to yourself.

What is an invention? The more we live in a box, the more we limit ourselves. A moment that changed Steve Jobs life was when he realized that he could poke life and figure things out. We all have to do our own research in life and there is so much hearsay these days that you really have to dig for truth otherwise your mind is digging for crap even though you say you don’t want anything. What if we are living in Player One type of reality without realizing? What is the meaning here? How do we get out of the web or matrix of judgement where everyone is blaming and judging each other. Go into the history books on your own time and read about what has happen, apparently. Go offline and into a research space such as a public library. There are different types as I have access to most things around me. If you come from a pure heart, people will want to help you do what you are trying to do.

A game changer is looking at your life as your own game or movie. This has been done for some time now. Artificial intelligence has been around for some time now. Businesses and corporations are legal entities, they are artificial entities with the same legal rights as humans. The more you open your mind to possibility, the more you can see what is actually happening but first it is about seeing it in such a way that is motivating and inspiring into action. Training is nothing, the will to act is everything. Learning to act upon that inner north star and to trust yourself, the universe. So, you should meditate with me in the temple. I have yet to post the times I sit though I do sit. I may not always post the times I sit but I sit. And so this is the basic service I provide, reason for me being here. This is what I have always wanted as a child and feel called to build temples. I am blessed with this temple and so I shall fulfill my responsibilities, happily. See you in the temple. Make a donation, knowledge being organized, message perfected.

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