Dare To Dream : Live Your Life

This is really the personal campaign that I am on right now. Have had a lot of aspirations and have come a long way in my spiritual understanding. And offering it in the most authentic way. It is very important to build ones spiritual practice and to cultivate beneficial values. We are all influencers and so self love and care are very important. We can think that we are faking it or not even know that we are but its our vibration that is our frequency in life.

Very passionate to share self help, development, yoga, and all sorts of things to help and aid oneself. These are tools that I have and/or continue to use. A big part of what I share is to let go, cleaning up our life is very important daily habit. The best that I can do is best an example of that in which I believe, hold true in my heart. It may be hard to believe so I do not expect anyone else to. I know what is true in my heart and that is what I teach, to journey inward with meditation.

I have the 21 Point Meditation Experience that opens up all channels to allow flow.

I have a couple podcast that I have been working on and redoing all of the coding on it, with implementing it all on the website.

I have some products and serivces that I am partnering with to provide massive quality value.

One of the key aims is to respect your time though truly only you can do that. Have to get over so called perfectionism. A story with Einstein illustrates this very well in that he presented 9 correct answers with one wrong. The audience was quick to note the wrong answer yet hesitate to congratulate the 9 correct.

There are a lot of entanglements and what Internal Arts Mind teaches, is to go in harmony. To fight without fighting, have to seek the peace within. There are a lot of things going on with relationships, family and in the household so we will be speaking about that to help and aid towards peace and understanding. There are more to a story than two sides, not to mention the degrees and aspects of presenting it that can greatly influence. In a way, we will be getting into Confucius thought. Not that this is towards any specific religion or philosophy, just in what he focused and developed in. That takes spirituality into the ruling class and into the household for divine order. There are spiritual laws that we all must abide by regardless of any personal creed or belief. I have studied many different things and so I will be coming out and teaching about many different aspects and teachings.

I have had to go my own way, find my own expression in life and so that is what I help others with. There are a great many who are looking to express themselves and enjoy life though there are certain lessons for us all here to learn. The world is changing and so adaptability is critical. What are you working on, towards? This is the beginning teaching. We first have to bring more awareness to where we are.

The marketing campaign for the masses would be dare to dream. The message of finding the courage to dream and break the mold so to speak. There are so many things to get into this teaching that help us operate life at a different level. If there is one thing that I can say to anyone I meet. Its the awakening from living a life of quiet desperation. Just because you have a pulse and are breathing does not mean you are truly living, taking what was given to you. We have to have a purpose, something that we are at least aiming to do with our life. What do we believe? We have to develop our own personal philosophy and stand for something in life.

Going along with the motions is not living. You can fake it for awhile but that depression and frustration start to grow inside of you and you become resentful. This is why Gary Vee talks about going to a retirement home and looking at their faces. That fear will motivate you. And that is what the world needs, motivation, hope. The world does not need money nor food as much as it needs hope and motivation.

Who knows what truly living really is but those who keep pushing.

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