Development of Self and Master Shane

The development of self has helped me tremendously in my personal growth here. I got into, what you can call, the personal development or self-help industry. As someone who enjoys their study, when I was not going to college, I was studying on my own. I love books and the wisdom that can be communicated through can be life changing, it has been for me. Though nothing can compare to the experience of mentorship, it is a cornerstone of success.

The true success in life is manifesting the true person you feel in your heart in the moment. As life is a journey, we get a lot of second chances. And if we miss too many, well then, we miss out. Life is full of opportunities and possibilities. It can seem easy to take for granted everything in our life when everything is impermanent. So how are we moving from one moment to the next?

The development of one’s character is a big factor in the spiritual aspect of oneself. Looking at growth from within, we greatly empower ourselves. The true master dwells within, awaken now. Journaling is a key stone of my personal development and spiritual growth. This is greatly related to education. True education is never ending as life is always teaching. When we stop learning, we stop growing and begin to perish inside in a way. Our hope for life is left alone. It has been said that man (or woman) needs a vision, a dream. They can go without water and food for some time but how far can they go without a dream and a vision? In some cultures, the elder feed the children, not with bread alone but with also stories that feed the soul.

So, with that, I seek to use The Master Shane Experiment as a platform to share my development as I am a friend, not some expert or authority of you. Only so much can be said in time, sometimes it is what we do that lives longer. It seems our life is an experiment in a way, as there is no other that will walk like us. We also know far less than what we think we know. This is where my love for health comes into as I feel our potential is so much more. The Master Shane Experiment acts as the foundation for sharing lessons and teachings.

Journaling has been a huge tool for me that I will be sharing and hopefully offering some form of premade journal to help and aid. It is a big dream of mine as it is close to my heart. It has helped me become my own best friend and get a really good look at myself without judgement. Our capacity for language has been related to our capacity to perceive and experience the world. This is a sure way to expand.

A new project is creating a book club with Think and Grow Rich as, if not, the first title of study. I have been going over it again even deeper and it lays out some good foundations in education about money and oneself. We have so many resources at our fingertips. Attending a formal school is not the only reason to study and develop oneself. I hope to inspire and encourage others to develop their own personal study that will pay dividends in their life. The mind can be a great gift.

- Master Shane

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