Don’t You Have Work To Do? Building Momentum with Consistency, Understanding Commitment.

I am awakening to things that are helping me make life changing choices. Every choice is a life changer as they all add up. The level of clarity is awe inspiring and so here I am expressing. I seek to build healthy relations with those around me and worldwide. So this is a place for my expression and for those who seek to know me, can do so. This may not be a place where marketing shines though its my place to express and share.

To experiment and push myself. I have been dabbling in ways with many tools and I am excited to just see what I can do and keep on improving. The goal is more so aligned with the fail fast concept in that learning and building momentum are the objectives. There is a lot that I have learned along my journeys here and much more lay ahead. There is a lot that I can do with helping others along their journey as well. I have come a long way so far and am very pleased with myself. I need not concern myself with the opinion of others. I appreciate others and seek to build healthy relations.

I have work here to do and so do you. As I say, we have been dealt cards in life. We have been born into certain situations in life. Or that has been born into us, either way, we all have things we are here to face. The fact is that I have been wanting to go somewhere in life for years now and extended myself very freely. I am getting in a different phase of my life here and ready to really give my life long yearnings everything I have. So focusing and my dreams are the only thing that matter to me at this point. A big part of that is who I feel I am here to become. The person I feel called to pursue. Who is your role model?


I need to be spending the most time with my self in 10 years. That is who I need to be listening to. And I know that technically we are social creatures here though there is a transcendence in life. It is one of my gifts that has allowed me to grow a lot, building cocoons. Though this one is a big transformation where I do seek to be more social with a solid foundation.

A big part is learning on self care and this is a major concept I will be going over as I share my learning and understanding. My gifts are in reading and writing, in a big way, I am a scholar. Ideally, I think that is how I would like to spend my days here. It is not always about what we would like to do or feel like doing. Ultimately it is about who we want to become, who we feel we are in our hearts.

Settling at home without the office is a fresh breeze of change. It feels good to have everything in one place and be able to go through everything. Going deep into Feng Shui, it is helping me make a lot of sense of things. Going back to my roots with food. Building money making habits, bringing in money. This is very important and have come a long way with subconscious beliefs. I acknowledge that others may be blocked in those areas and this is a big part of the teachings coming forth, part of the life coaching. That is why I am making writing in here part of my daily routine.

We are what we repeatedly do everyday.

And so the understanding of compound change and making small daily commitments can lead to big effects. The idea of atomic habits and understanding momentum. This is a great force in the financial area. So why not use it in other areas of our life?

Understanding the overall momentum in your life. I have done a lot of work in changing directions and am very happy with my progress. Oh my the progress. To look back and see just the physical progress that I have made in say body. The actually physical healing, strengthening and building of self confidence. Another key concept is inspired by potential which relates to compound change and momentum. Because part of the wonder is that as you build momentum, it builds upon itself.

There is a magical unseen force in play. It feeds back to you, you become more inspired by the result of seeing progress. And the danger is that it plays out the other way as well. That is why I say understanding the momentum and direction in your life is very important.

I am learning deeper and deeper as I become more aware of the interplay of energy between everything, the force. The smallest things can add up to very big things. What are your daily habits? Who are you becoming? Even so, the small things around us and how we feel towards them. If you live in a depressing environment, well then, it may require effort or energy to not become depressed. The smallest triggers, done many days in a row can create a big disturbance inside ourselves.

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