Embrace Your Healing Journey

Embrace your healing journey, asking myself what it is. Looking to express and get things done, building the 21 Point Meditation Experience. There are a lot of things to share and help with. Embracing your healing journey and looking for inner strength helps a lot. If one is drowning in water, to be helped in anyway, one needs to relax. Thinking about audience and how to best serve. Understand best to just in my mind and see how I think. Side note, looking at source of genius, haha, and will be writing more about that in ones call to step up and the greatest motivator.

Working on own platform with websites, podcast and youtube channel. Helping to promote others in building their own platform. Looking at social media strategy and conversions, want to be more strategic with brand building and service. Focusing more on own platform, self hosted website is easy to do in beginning stages. Can self host podcast and even video at one point with tech team. Health is greatest wealth and my progress is very inspiring. Looking to build daily service with videos and such. Excited to be sharing healing journey, not saying most fit person on planet. Have come from a lot and happy to be fit, active, healthy and alive. To promote and inspire others in living healthy with an active lifestyle. Going through a lot of internal healing of organs and such right now. Working on some protocols, have some to share and also promote.

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Will be talking more about products and services I believe in. I think this is a big part of creating sources of income and living a life on purpose. Taking a stand with what you believe, the products and services that help. Embracing partnerships and working together. We don’t have to all start a business and in fact its not for most people. But we can become more professional in our self directed career and create more sponsorship type deals. There is no shame in promoting something you believe in. There may be a lot of negative perception, while we all have to make a living. What I can do is be real and honest, that is what I have sought for so many years and through persistence, the right crowd will form. It is not about creating a big party, the party will come. It is about healing one heart at a time first and foremost so that there can be love at the party. It is about loving the journey, having fun, that is key. Lets have and make a lot of fun in a good way, for healing purposes only. Looking to refine the honest self expression like a bird singing its beautiful song regardless if anyone else is listening.

Embracing your healing journey, understanding the importance of peace in life. Looking to cherish and support all of life. The beauty and mystery of life itself. Letting yourself be in awe of it all. Making a healing intent. First it begins with thinking that it is possible. There are a lot of great case studies with healing, more specifically miraculous and spontaneous healing. The mere belief that is was possible and that there was a higher power were the only requirements seen. Some believed a higher power to be this and that but it was the openness itself that opened the door.

To also start to entertain the idea that there is so much more to learn about health and well being. We might think we know a lot when in fact, how do we know? More specifically, talking about happiness to begin with. This is something we might not really look at, if someone is truly happy. When it could very well be the most important aspect, to enjoy life. There are so many desires and expectations thrown around that it is a healing journey uncovering the many hidden strings and triggers we created with each other. This is part of embracing your healing journey, that life is not what society makes it look like. We are all dealt different cards in life, karma to burn, transform into merit, to be the true blessing that we are. So getting out of comparing yourself with others is crucial and we do it in so many unconscious ways passed on through the generations. To break free from the opinions of others otherwise you will live a very rocky life trying to please everyone. Yes, it is important to care about others and so balance is key in finding that line and being able to effectively communicate so there is no disagreement. And it all begins within side oneself. The more agreement you have within, the more agreement you can have in your life.

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