Everyday is Day One: May 4th, 2024 Master Shane Update

Everyday is Day One: May 4th, 2024 Master Shane Update

Everyday is day one, every moment is the moment.

It is important to review the things you want in your life and program your subconscious mind.

Shaping your reality.

What do you do in your day?

What do you really need to do?

This is for you and your journal.

Now that we have our daily journal, we can commit to writing in it everyday.

Think of it as time speaking to your higher self.

Ask questions that can help bring forth solution and relief.

It is all in the moment. Embrace your healing journey.

If you say that you can't find, what are you looking for and what is your perspective.

Introducing...come sit with me in The Forgiveness Room.

Embrace your healing journey here now and experience transformation.

This is a donation based service being offered that will help many help themselves.

Challenge yourself to sit in it everyday for the same time, at least 31 days and see what happens.

Everyday is day one as in brand new. Every moment is brand new in itself.

Living with this philosophy can have interesting benefits, coupled with what one may call grit or hustle.

It is connected with hunger and brings us into the power or beauty of hunger.

You see, we were not really taught everything. Which can inspire someone to transform their life.

We have work here to do and if we get too comfortable, we could slack.

Slacking or wandering around gets tired after awhile.

We are here to do great work and the only way to do great work is to love what you do. And to love what you do, you have to do what you love.

Taking a job that you know you can do, can get "boring" and "tiring" very quickly.

And getting bored or tired will lower your vibration and attract more boring and tiring things.

This is one of the challenges of a typical job or even school.

Many people don't want to be there, are unhappy and fighting the whole way when it is their choice. It can create a very dense and draining atmosphere.

Speaking negative will bring negative things into your life. Have to be careful the things we consume and people we are around most of the time.

So, everyday is day one. There is a bell, a whistle, a horn that goes off. It is time to move.

In the wild, have to go get breakfast. And in today's world, money is our food. We are still hunters, we just hunt for money now.

And to never give up, the better you tune yourself, the better you increase your chances of success. Or maybe we are all successful without realizing it.

To embrace the power and beauty of hunger. To embrace the journey of learning to make money. Have to first believe that it is possible for you.

Get out of this negative thinking and pattern. You do not need money to change. You need to change to change. You don't even need change to change, you are change.

Today's advice is to look at each day as day one.

A fresh start with mountains to climb, lets get it as it is done.

Do what you can, let go of I can't.

Never give up because if you are here and breathing, that's a miracle and blessing.

Write in your journal everyday. Check in with how you are feeling and set new intentions and goals. Keep yourself accountable and review as this will help heal the emotions.

A lot of times we have a lot of money wounds and emotions towards that and there are other things we can do to take care of the emotions that hold us back.

There are many things that I have done so far in achieving this, and in general it is doing what you resist the most. Doing things for other people, getting in service, embracing healing journey taking care of all the negative thoughts and emotions that arise.