For The Love of It – Do More – Consume Less

Main thing is to run the temple. So, you can find me there. We are doing a bit of a challenge of sorts. I would say starting today but I strongly feel one started on the 1st this month for me. Getting more confident and able in web development, pushing to create your own. Have affliate Site Ground Hosting, can get into classes with that. Important to own your own domain, can operate out of that. Teaching business, fulfilling childhood dream running temple, taking donations. Many things coming and happy to share. So, if you are looking for a hosting provider, I suggest Site Ground. Otherwise, Web Flow is a big thing as well. I believe everyone should have a blog. Learning more about build personal brand, getting into identity and presence.

Strong background in coaching as been mentored a lot in my life. I say embrace your own healing journey as we are all on our own journey. It can seem habit to compare anothers life though the cards that are dealt are many. And like Buddha realized, we all have to face certain experiences in life. There is a suffering and the more we attach, the more we experience in our life. A basis of teachings is that man/woman can alter circumstances in life. It might take will and determination. And that it may not be what it appears, who is to say what might become. There are certain consequences from our actions in life and this is where ignorance can get one in real trouble. Learned unconscious habits of neglect can still come back. We are all learning more about cause and effect.

So, a big part is practicality and in such a changing world, removing the noise is important. Guarding your mind is a key understanding. We are all a business, the household is a business and it is important as to what messages are being allowed in because you cant just let any message in. Then there is the part of not being too controlling and for the decision makers to be very considerate to all. This goes with food as well, in ways. The kitchen is a beautiful space to be shared. And so a big teaching here is consuming less. Generally speaking we unconsciously consume, so it can be very beneficial to pick up a practice of reviewing, mental rehearsal, cultivating awareness.

To do more, expect less in ways. Expect more of yourself and less of others. Learn to do more without a pat on the back, without looking for anything in return. Consume less so test it out for yourself, go through that discomfort of what we think we need. Because, what do we really need? The mind-body is very resilient, can be conditioned in many ways. Our learned ways seem to create a sense of gratification for our actions, which opens the door for a sense of punishment at times. One of the goals in personal development is to get lost in the journey, for the love of. To do just to do, maybe because we can and we should. Maybe because our heart yearns for it. Learn to learn, learn a skill to learn a skill. Become more proficient in an array of endeavors. Embrace your healing journey, learn to take care of mind-body.

Yoga and mindful movements are becoming a top priority in my life. For some time I have sat back though with the mind-bodys confidence, pushing myself like never before. It can take some time as it has taken time, it is a lifestyle. So, it is about changing habits. There is a lot with physical exercise and peak mental performance. It helps one get in a sharp mental state. And then, the big thing is what one does with that. With this, this is something that can be passed on. It can be like a digital library in ways, that one may be able to quickly go over. It can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection with no fee. It can be easy to take things for granted with where we have come from. Though, that does not mean to just give up and settle. We need to settle in meditation, teaching to come.

This is like a hangout spot, in ways. Hopefully, that is part of the intent, in the attention economy. Longevity is in sight. It is like, web development is new but not. How is our knowledge of self and effortlessness of honestly expressing. What is life. Why are we here. It is important to be in a good space mentally. This is a big teaching. Consulting and coaching is available. Life process and systems development. Through years of journaling, daily systems matter for organization and less stress.

So, you can support these teachings by donating through the temple. This is main service to all, can sit in there anytime.