We all have a story inside of us waiting for us to take the lead role.

Master Shane has always been guided by the questions, who am I and why am I here?

The idea of a path less taken has always captured his attention.

Here is a testimony to the grace and peace one may receive as they surrender inside

and open themselves up.

Welcome and thank you for paying a visit. Everyone is appreciated and loved here.

May all beings be at peace inside and know themselves.


Spiritual hunger and thirst are real things. There is something guiding us inside. Some part knows that we will be judged with how we lived here. That there is something beyond this world.  And sometimes, we may get lost in the crowd. When in the end, all paths lead to one.


Here you will find spiritual food and drink that all may receive from. We are all on our healing journey here. We have a predestined starting point and an opportunity to see how far we can go by learning the lessons we are here to learn. There is no shame or guilt with love for we all have the power to change now. Love heals and surrender cleanses. You and your faith inside are the answers, awaken now.