June 6, 2023 Checking in MasterShane.com

Hey, so it may have been awhile though what is time. Stepping into my potential for greatness, clearing my throat in a good way. So this helps others in their own discovery and self expression. Helping to inspire in building your own platform. It keeps coming back to best that Shane can do is embrace and share own healing journey. Making working out a habit and see how much I have been selling my self short. There is so much more potential waiting to be awaken. Helping others improve their life though conscious decision and commitment. Building a healthy lifestyle, takes one step at a time to build the momentum that can feed off of itself.

There may be a lot of coaches and that is okay. My services help everyone and as I do my best, there are also other factors. The way I was taught and able to perform is very difficult to understand. It can be easy to admire and much more difficult to hone ones craft, to mind ones own business. And that is excaly what we help with here for those who do want and willing to move forward in life. I get to focus more on myself right now to be where I need to be. My new mailing address might be the fitness club, hehe. I love the club and always have spent a lot of time at the gym and library.

It is important to push yourself and see what you can become. I have noticed that a lot of fulfillment comes from pushing myself. Not everyone wants to nor understands why work so hard. Now, this is not to work hard for the sake of working hard. Where will you be if you just do that and where would you be if you didn’t take any work seriously. Life may very well be a dance as balance is key.

Now this can help others find and express themselves. I have always loved the written word so this is an easy way for me to express. There are also other benefits though mainly getting in the act. A writer must write everyday as they say. And for me, it is publishing it and getting it out. There are other forms of content, videos are fun. Though nothing can beat the written word.

Whatever we might be doing, it might be wise to ask ourselves why we are doing it. In the sense that, is this a form of distraction. Am I using this to put off what I really need to do? What do I really need to do? What is the best use of my time right now? Now these are wonderful things to ask yourself to use the potential of mind for good. Getting on point is one of the main things to understand right now.

And as a male figure, looking to help inspire others in stepping in greatness. Serving in such a role, building a professional career. First having a dream, thinking, knowing that it is possible for you. To be able to serve and get paid for it. Inspired by potential rather then hurt and pain. Embracing ones healing journey. Getting in motion of service while looking to grow. It does not matter so much what and where as to not be running away. Though it could be important to jump ship if necessary, the importance of personal guidance at one point.

To be making and deserving money. To be living life and taking care of business in a lovely way.

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