Master Shane Update and Why Should You Care.

It is December 7th, 2023 as we say is the present time and date. Doing you and adding your flavor to the mix though first finding yourself. (Enter Meditation)

What is your 5 year plan? Really excited about the 5 year plan because of the opportunity knocking. It does not mean that it will be easy so it is important to rise to the opportunity and beyond. I feel well positioned to do a lot of good. In a very good head space and strong within.

Now, maybe super sensitive to emotions and vibrations so that is not an excuse to throw in the towel or blame others. Rising to the opportunity, that is information to let me know that extra needs to be done to protect myself. It is like tarot reading, what are we looking for. Many levels and some use it to justify current or old self. The thing is to cast votes for who you must become. You find what you look for so if you are looking for faults in others then you will faults. Like in Astrology, just because it is mercury retrograde does it mean that you can be so emotional. It means that you have to be extra careful not to be that.

This is to help connect with others who feel put down, depressed and sad even though they do not want to be and to help them shift it. Maybe you have been put down your whole life so that is more reason to take it seriously and find a way to transcend that without being that. That is the mastery part. Most people are unconscious so they are not aware of what they are actually doing. Being honest and/or stern with someone who is conscious can be very beneficial as they will not take it personally, understand that it is a message and receive. Someone unconscious is not aware of what they are doing and attracting in their life so they may take it personally and put themselves in a deeper negative cycle.

I have been very unconscious and made massive progress so far, It amazes and excites me. It also helps me be very compassionate towards those who are presently unconscious. I can better identify what needs improvement and things that I have been going through my whole life so far. It has to do with depression, sadness, grief and mood swings. I say we are all on our own healing journey and part of that understanding is that we are all on our own time. Time/space is a man made mental construct and it can be easy to compare ourselves with others and put ourselves down. The truth is, that we have been unconsciously putting ourselves and each other down for a very long time. So, it is not so much as how fast you move so much that you are making consistent progress, building momentum.

So I do say embrace your healing journey. Looking at it more towards the journey and in a vacuum then just one day at a time. Thinking bigger and letting magic happen. There is magic in thinking big and it is very important in the now as you are either growing or shrinking big. It is a big difference if you are just thinking about how to get your next meal and thinking about where and how you will get to your ideal position in life in 5 years.

As Tony Robbins says, people generally overestimate what they can do in 1 year and under estimate what they can do in 5. Meaning, focus, determination, persistence pay well.

Peak performance and clear thinking also play a huge role. And in today’s world, we are all a personal brand, media company and what not. Even if you are looking for employment, contracts, your personal brand is your resume. Companies are looking to hire content creators because that is the future. Though employment can be a dream killer. Be careful not to get too comfortable. Now is the time to test your foundation and paradigm, better to change on your terms rather then when you are forced to.

I have a great experience these past few years in rehabilitating and coming back to life. Through my experience, I know what works for me. I am better aware and able to protect myself. My whole life has been like getting up, going out in the world and coming back to heal and understand. Early on there might be more time needed for coping and therapy type of activities. I can go much longer with more intense periods now. I do not need as much copying and therapy time so that helps me have more productivity and execution time.

Health is no joke and there can be a lot of pressure from society to earn a living. Working together and building cooperative organizations came up today. We have these dreams of being rich and famous which is really wealthy and famous. Just because someone is rich doesn’t mean they are wealthy. We have come to idolize these people and the way they live without fully understanding wealth. Generally speaking, wealth has been traditionally built through generations, built through cooperative organizations of generations of family. It is not about hitting the lottery, it is about creating the right mindset and lifestyle for it. First have to get the family together as one. First have to be healthy and find service that you love to do. Going through a massive change in era can create generational challenges of understanding and acceptance. It is like how Mr. Beast has expressed that him and his mom would always fight because she was persistent on him doing the so called traditional route when all he wanted to do was make videos for YouTube.

Embracing your healing journey, understand that it is a journey. Understand that your health and happiness are number one. It is not about getting rich as much as it is about creating a sustainable lifestyle that you are very happy with. What is your number, what sort of lifestyle are you happy with though most importantly who are you and why are you here. Because these are questions that the first answer that comes up, most likely is not yours. It is the people who have been in your ear your whole life. How do you know that the thoughts you experience are yours?

This whole content game still has massive opportunity so I say focus on your healing journey, document and share that as content as you better understand yourself and position in life. Things are not always what they seem, there comes a point where you start to realize the real world. The real world is not like the artificial environments of traditional education and modern households. We are all like The Buddha in a way, we are born royalty and guarded from the sufferings of life. So figuring out this content game and building a successful system. It is not something I take lightly as I have a big heart. Having an audience is much more than just having a pet. It takes a much greater level of awareness and compassion to truly nurture instead of just doing what everyone else is doing that they are unconscious about. Most people do not know the harm they cause, why else is there so much harm done in the world. And it takes two or more to tango, so we all have to take responsibility and be the change. Deflecting again and again is nothing new.

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