Master Shane’s Research

Master Shane's Research

This might be categorized more though it is good.

Along with my healing journey.

Sharing and helping in what one could say, a new world.

Not claiming that I know it all, doing my best to help all.

Developing ones spiritual practice, act of devotion, very important.

It is what I have learned and help with.

Current research is in being highly effective and organized.

Especially with digital life as it can be easy to just put things in a folder or not have a successful process.

It is so important to have the habits of an effective process. Set yourself up for success.

Use habits for your well being and success in life.

What defines a professional career these days. How to prepare for one now and in the so called future.

The importance of understanding the mind.

Mastering the 24 hours, finding what works best.

Deepening understanding through realization.

Dancing in life through devotion.

Looking into building something meaningful.

List of research projects:


peak physical and therapy conditioning

Wealth Consciousness, money creation and management

Meditation Course

Focus and Concentration Course

Detox Challenge and Course

Web Development

Organized Digital workflows