May 2024 Update Master Shane

May 3rd, 2024

For all my readers and sincere ones,

It is the beginning of May in 2024, as we say, and it is a beautiful day. It is beautiful to be alive in many ways.

#mentalhealth #healingchallenge

This acts as a means of update as I seek to become more professional. This has been a desire of mine for some time now. And helping others who feel the same way inside but keep on running into trouble. Embrace your healing journey with me on this journey.

Training days and hours in the park to be posted.

Yes, the wheel does not need to be reinvented, but at one point it will. So it has been a dance for me in finding balance. What we want to do is get into our beliefs, paradigm. This is understanding ones spiritual practice.

What I have been doing on a deep level and yes, its up to me to get out and known. There are many people I can help right now, help themselves inside.

This is what I feel passionate about. There are things for us to understand here and one of them is that spirituality is all about self responsibility.

So, with that, as we flow with it, as we are that. Two main components of my daily post can be to provide some useful advise or information and share a part of my healing journey.

This first is to keep a journal and write in it everyday. This might be my daily advise for awhile, along with embrace your healing journey. As I take that to the next level for me in making a public post everyday, sort of an update with a show concept evolving.

#1 is that I've seen how much more consistent I am on point, on purpose when I am in my journal everyday

#2 when not, might be from being too emotional. Break through, do what you are most resisting.

It is a powerful part of ones spiritual practice. If you do not like the results, have to look at your practice in life. Part of our practice in life is how we set the sail, our beliefs and paradigms. How we dream the scene into being.

For me making a public post everyday helps me build online presence and brand. Remember that it is near impossible to know someone only from their public persona. More reasons to embrace your healing journey. Will show that we give too much attention out freely without thinking about it. Inspired, motivated with permission marketing. It is something that I have been studying for some time and a few things clicked today. Instead of hustling, creating through being the attraction. Making it more manageable for me that creates more space to focus on what really matters, serving and teaching.

It stems from the belief that you already have readers and an audience. There are a lot of demands and unhealed inner child wounds that lead us to cry for each others attention. There is a part of hustling and interrupting someones day to make an offer. But, I feel it is like crying wolf in that if used too often, will dilute its felt authenticity. It is what is inside that matters so just because someone says something does not mean that is what they truly belief inside themselves.

You need something to do. Life is work in a lot of ways and hopefully it is something that is helping you learn more about yourself rather then distract and occupy you.

A lot of times in history, persons did not see or experience their audience like we think of experience. It was only long gone that their work began to surface and gain recognition.

They were not remembered for the struggles but for the art that came through those struggles. Who knows the struggles Van Gogh or any famous painter went through but they might be able to recognize their art. It is nothing personal so how do we heal without how, to cease all unnecessary suffering.

What is the message?

The fact that you can say something, you can do something. What can you say, what can you do?

Where will it lead you.

There are so many things that are just going to be released. So part of these post might not have structure in a normal way. Part is just the brain dump, it is just getting things out.

That is part for the journaling everyday. We need to get things out. And to get things out on paper for you to see is very healing.

It is like recording yourself and watching and/or listening.

It is easy for us to want others to listen to us but how often are we willing to listen to what we are saying.

Breaking down the barriers, allowing the inner artist to flow and create masterpieces. Not being afraid of starting, of playing, so many mediums and tools these days.

It is an artists paradise.

Then there is the business part. Teaching business, sharing my journey with learning business. Anyone can learn business. We are all our own business without realizing it and will only get more important to realize this. It is actually very spiritual, there is deep understanding.

We have to learn to make the best of our resources such as time and money. Learning not to use them as an excuse.

Don't just mark yourself off with reactive negative thinking and speaking. Embrace your healing journey and transform your experience.

So, today's homework:

New notebook only for daily journal. First entry, where do you think and feel you are in life right now. What has lead you up to this point and what have you learned. Set a time limit, don't stress or worry, just let it out to see on paper. Not trying to get it perfect. Write down all this possible theories and views. Pay attention to your emotions reconnecting with your breath.