Rapping Up March 2024

Here we are.

This is a publishing platform and has been a part of my life for awhile.

Things are changing, it seems. : )

Remembering and respecting in a lot of ways.

Let us not forget the great sacrifices made for us here today.

It is a great way to get things out. Which is one of the things we really have to do in life.

We do not need to eat all the time. We do not need coffee all the time.

In fact, breaks and allowing the body to detox is very powerful.

What is the feeling of hunger.

You can talk about anything on your blog. You can just use it as a brain dump or way to organize your life.

Yes, I suggest hosting with Site Ground.

It is what I use.

I think more people can utilize their own domain.

Tapping into the creativity, pursuit of excellence.

Stepping more into the ideal now, leadership.

Producing, getting things done.

Regardless of things that happen, using patience and compassion.

Getting things done and taking care of business.

One of the reasons why I love business and teaching in those terms.

Taking things professional because there is that part of life.

We have to be able to step out of our roles.

So, these are part of the letters from Master Shane.

As well as the newsletter.

Sharing my journey with digital marketing as well.

Might create some type of technology service business.

Getting what I have learned with meditation and healing out.

We can only consume so much in a day and being more conscious and considerate is wise.

We can take the spiritual path as far as we want.

Beginning points, we will be speaking about how one starts their day and introduction into meditation.

There has been a lot of movement for me, getting footage with teachings videos.

Main thing is building at least one main show and podcast.

This is home base, so this place is special. It is my domain.

I learned how to build on it and I think others should to.

I am a consult as I have lots of experience with many different types of software.

Will get into that. Also financial mastery. I spent a lot of money on things I didn't have to which is technically breaking Buffets #1 in not losing money.

Though ultimately it is in taking risks and hitting it big, in a way.

There is the part of building wealth and then there is another part of maintaining it.

What I know of research, how many of us truly know wealth.

I would like to.

Here is my healing journey.

Rapping up March 2024, been rehabbing and working out a lot.

Getting my life in order as it already is.

And now, helping others.

Get your mental health in order.

Build clarity in your life.

Develop your spiritual practice.