Ready, Set, Go, In Action

Whatever you find yourself doing, do that with all of your heart. Oh my, things change as we change. Settling into a new life, building new habits and a lifestyle. That is one key take away recently, besides takeaways, is that it is a lifestyle. Just because you hear something once does it mean that it will grow inside of you. You have to tend to that which you seek to grow inside of you and sometimes someone else may have built a whole garden inside of you without you knowing, but it is up to you to recreate it.

Ready, set, go get in action. And this is not the action of going out to conquer the world. This is a premise of a book that I see. And like to get in action, get some things out there. It is not about getting it right or perfect, it is about you being you. And that drives home so much though review often and really see it in your life. It is not about trying too hard so much as it is about creating a lifestyle. What are the things that you have been avoiding? What are the things that you have been running away from?

And the question is, where are you in life? There is no right or wrong answer, it just is. And so often we create or been taught certain emotions and reactions that we become reactive. It is good to go back to self. Recently focusing more on yoga, movement and self healing. Yes, there is meditation though it is a lot more movement meditation through exercise and fitness. Even just a brisk meditative walk is one of the key cornerstones of a healthy life. Though we also have to get into what you do during the walk and what you do with the feel good energy. It can be used to abuse and keep oneself stuck, so I say inspired by potential.

It is like the internet, in a way. We have this internet, with websites, apps, and things. It can look shiny and nice, which it can be, though it has taken a lot of energy and vision to see it through to this point. This has been an experiment for a long time. Though how did it get here. And the point being, that we are all on our own healing journey. To be inspired by potential, rooted in what you can do, looking to expand. Not getting discouraged because someone else built something nice. That is very childish and immature when you really think about it. It is very important to journey and seek within, that way, you will come to a point where you cease to cause harm. And yoga is a very beautiful system that has been created.

I was introduced in my early adult years and did not take it as serious as I could have. Which is okay as the point of power is now and so how can I utilize that experience to propel me to where I need to be. The truth is, I was going through a lot of things, I was affected and having a tough time focusing. So, I did what any rebel child does, I wandered and drifted, dreaming of finding myself one day.

If you don’t like the term, finding yourself, that is okay because I do. As I review, it makes so much sense. It is up to you to find value, meaning, purpose and place with what you are looking at. A wise one looks to learn while a fool looks to run away. That is really the beginning point and to get in motion, in action, figuring it along the way without figuring it out. Yoga is part of that movement for me now that I am talking about and hope to inspire others to face that inside of themselves. There have been so very traumatic experiences in my life that have altered my physical body and can feel sorry for myself though that has not helped me commit and devote myself to healing. Maybe it has in a way though now is the time to take the next step.

The fitness club, Western Racquet, has been a big part of my healing journey. For the past several years, I have been rehabilitating and just doing a lot of gentle movement. The bike, ellipse, steps, and stride machine have been such a wonderful experience rebuilding myself. And now for the next phase being more effective and efficient with “time”. Yoga provides the opportunity to really go inside and clear things that are holding you back or blocking you. Taking that time to find the poses you feel weak in and breathing in strength. I am really excited as it is about the journey, it is about the process, there are things for me to work towards and there are also many things that I have to share.

As I have been training myself in meditation, I have thoughts, philosophy, silence to share that helps and aids all on their own healing journey here. I mean, one of my core inspirations has been a couple who wrote a lot of books together. Becoming a yogi has been something that I have wanted for awhile in a way. And it is okay if my physical body may not be the most flexible at this moment or that my poses may not look perfect. There are greats like Wayne Dyer and Deepak who may not have the most fit bodies as they developed their mind and make way for fitness. As it is something to help inspire others, we are in some interesting times and health comes from within. Mental health is very important and to live life on point, on purpose.

You can join me in yoga teacher training at Flow State because what else matters? First have to be in right mental state, flow state, where you are the creator of your life. As Steve says, “your “time” here is limited, so don’t waste it living someone elses”. Click the link to go to my affliate page and sign up, come journey to wholeness with me. It does not matter where you find yourself so much as you find yourself where you are. You have the power to move forward and you have the power to hold yourself back. Put yourself in that place of becoming a teacher for what it will help you become and be. Age gracefully as it is not just about looking good, it is about being good inside no matter what happens outside. Be the change and the peace that you truly wish to see. Get on course, get on point today and do everything you can to stay the course. Readjust when necessary, understanding the power of practice on the mat. First have to show up consistently. When not showing up on mat, where else are you not showing up in your life? It is about showing up, relaxing and breathing through new levels inside yourself.

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