Rekindle Your Spark of Life

Rekindle your spark, passion, joy of and for life. Embracing your healing journey, never putting yourself down. Sometimes we can put ourselves down, actually we can do it all the time, without even realizing, if it becomes a habit. And this is something that has taken me awhile though through never giving up, its always worth it. These are great lessons through challenges that we have to obtain in ways, unlock inside ourselves. Doing something you have been wanting to do for awhile.

For me, I just went to an event at a technology hub the next building over. It was a great event that really inspired me, helped me be in a good state, while meeting new people. Looking to check out the more corporate business hub, as well. It is hard to completely replace the physical, sometimes we just have to get out. It was a very important even as well talking about the eventual exit of your business, venture, and how to prepare now. Not only that but it also helped me identify opportunities and target audiences for my valuable services in building mental clarity. Through their professional experience, most business people don’t really think about the end game, what they really want and look at the numbers enough. There is a lot in that and right now we are just getting a blog post up before next event.

So some key take a-ways that I can add right now are what are the key take a-ways from events you participate and engage in. It has been a trend for awhile now and can offer great value or it can suck up a lot of your time. So really gaining more clarity as to what information is needed and review to help solidify the valuable information. Like for me, I took notes at the event and went over them, filing them digitally when they are fresh on the mind. This is something that I have learned that is very important, building necessary systems that foster, build structure and organization. So you can find the right information at the right time.

At Internal Arts Mind, the way of success, its how you program yourself. People are not at fault, it is the system, processes involved, including yourself. So, looking at a personal and professional development system, how is your system, process, rather than putting yourself down. Just focus on developing the right system that works for you. What is your system of learning? So often people may just let the fact remain that they do not retain information yet they invest their day going through data. You don’t need to go over all of the data, you just need the right data at the right time and today s world is perfect for that. So the real value is in the systems and organization that frees you from over expending resources like time.

Life is because first and foremost the spark of it. What is most important? Is it not to feel alive and kicking. Is it not to feel like you are doing something worth your resources rather than just finishing the day wondering where it all went. There is nothing wrong with this approach, it is just a default and if you want something different, you can build something different. You can build the necessary systems in place so you know where it all goes, so that you have more awareness with how you are using your resources. It is not so much about what or how much as what you do with them. It is about slowing down so that you can speed up. Many systems have already been created and passed down that we just take them for granted and allow them to run in the background when they might not be best serving anymore. It can be more enhancing to take the necessary time to really think about it and build the systems and processes that are going to get you there rather than just go full speed ahead. Anyone can become an overnight success when one identifies that as the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.

Embrace your healing journey.

If the system or process can be improved and enhanced, its as good as dead.

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