Seeking To Be One of Value

Seeking to be one of value is a worthy pursuit. Understanding that it is a pursuit, a journey of sorts. One day I read to seek to be a man of value and my life was never the same. Now, does that mean that my whole life transformed before my very eyes, no. Though my life was totally different from that point as it has been in my head every since. And as I seek to be a man of value, it has been a battle of sorts. Which I am embracing more and learning to fight for the life I love, in a good peaceful way. There is really the only battle inside yourself and then there are also other battles from people not facing that inside themselves. Friends and family can be a convenient and deceptive avenue to avoid responsibility and project blame outside.

What are you looking for in life? What are people around you looking for in life? There can be a beautiful scene to appreciate though that does not mean that is what someone will see. We look, project and see things in different ways. We look for things and we see things. We can see things in a positive manner or a negative one. We can look for what is good or we can look for what is wrong. Seeking to be one of value has helped me shift and focus my attention on looking for the good, the valuable and seeing the blessings in all. It is a pursuit, a journey of sorts as we learn in life and there comes a time for us to unlearn. We are good at accumulating things though how well are we with letting go. Does there not need be a balance for peace and harmony?

So, this is for people that are looking to be of value, they are looking to embrace healing, health, wealth, prosperity, and well being. This is to help those build strength inside without causing harm or needing to put down another. I felt a lot of things growing up and had to journey for understanding. Things I have learned can not be spoken about, they must be experienced in your own life for you to see for yourself. I can help inspire, point, and place clues around like others have done for me but ultimately you are on your own healing journey as I am on mine. At one point we have to say good bye to everyone we think in physical form and the reality is that we are not remembered for having the loudest mouth, we are remembered for developing and sharing our gifts to the world, for touching hearts, from allowing our heart to be touched.

Desire is a basic foundation to life, without it, there would be no life. We all may be filled with many desires and this can cause a lot of turmoil. Especially if we are being deceptive and keeping things inside. And this is how the world operated, this is what people were basically taught. We were taught to be polite and act a certain way regardless of how we felt inside. Which has its value and benefits as well as its dangers. So, understanding where we have come from is very important and empowering. This is the challenge for older generations, to break free from what you think the world and other people should be. Maybe it is time to be renewed and like a child again, filled with awe, rather than thinking you know it all and know better than everyone else. To know better than someone else and think that they should listen to you and do what you tell them to do with their life when you live in a different world.

So, for the younger generations, it’s about taking responsibility for the healing work and feeding the dream inside, ninja style. Because there is nothing to prove to the older generation even though they might try to make you feel that way. To look for the value and what you can learn from them while keeping the peace inside. We are not here to control each other even though many try to. We are all on our own healing journey and the more that you embrace it, the more you free yourself from others. This is what helps me and I had my mom always tell me to focus on myself growing up. You see, I discovered how many are getting caught up, in tangled with each other, in this web of judgement. The more you try to convince other people of your dream, the more you are saying that you need others opinions and giving haters fuel. Embrace your healing journey and mind your own business for dream manifestation and fulfillment.

Are you looking for value or are you feeling a sense of entitlement like life owes you. When the reality might be that you owe life, maybe you owe you. Is it time to start looking inside yourself for what you can become rather than walking around looking for other peoples attention to give you approval and affirmation for the current story you are telling yourself. What is the story that you are telling yourself right now. Why do we buy new clothes, so that we can start to tell ourselves a new story though we don’t need to buy new clothes to tell yourself a new story. This is a cornerstone to a fulfilling and healthy life. It is very deep and should be meditated upon as it has taken me many years to get to this point inside myself. You have been taught to look and see the world as a particular way. The spiritual path, healing journey is to open your heart and mind and transcend any limiting view. Looking for value and blessings will guide you in that direction. It can take years to get to certain points in life so have patience and forgive yourself if you find yourself in a position or situation you would rather not be in. Understand the direction and momentum in your life. If you want your life to be of value, look for value in others and in life.

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