Stop Running Away From Your Highest Potential

Stop running away from your highest potential. This came to me as I went to the wash room and realized some things that I was feeling. One of my realizations has been how much we repel things in our life. Embracing my healing journey, I look inside myself and can see how much I have been repelling beautiful life experiences. Not to put myself down but to bring awareness to that which I can change now. The things that we try to avoid so much may very well be the things that can set us free in many different ways.

So often, we may be looking for comfort in life, to do the least that is expected of us. And what is that really saying, what are we really saying here? I know very well as that was my attitude in life, or so what I was shown and took on. There is no need to drag ones feet in life as life is beautiful and abundant. The beginning point is starting to think about what you really want in life, who you want to become and what is really important, your values. This has afforded me great spiritual riches and independent thinking.

There is a part of easy, realizing that becoming proficient, competent in something is key in making a living, effortlessly. And this relates as finding that balance between the established way and paving a new way because we also seek for growth and new experiences. And maybe we have created so many things in the world that it can be easy to play it easy. Though it is important to schedule time where you push yourself to the so called perceived limits of what you think you are capable of doing. Finding new things that you can build competency in.

As I have been building competency in my web design and development, building the successful processes and systems. Here I am pausing to do what I know I can do without thinking too much, writing. Inspired by Seth Godin, in the simplistic elegance of his blog and filled with a new idea to bring to market. He is a writer that clearly has developed his thinking and so his intention with his blog was to focus on his writing, or so I think. Making progress and continuing to cultivate momentum in my life towards my dreams. The main part is closing that gap, really getting inspired and seeing the truth that the only thing stopping you from truly living your dreams is that gap. And it is on you to close that gap, once you begin to realize the end point, the dream, where you want to go, truly. Which is okay to not know, the sad part is not entertaining the thought of your life having any purpose at all. Because half of the journey is the realization and conviction that your life does have meaning and purpose, that you are here for a reason. So, journey into your self with realizing that. Oh, and I just made a link in my blog! I love you Seth, and your name. : )

We move forward in life and “figure” it out along the way, meaning we connect the dots backwards. So, it is important to have some sort of meditation, reflection, practice. And this is where I help a lot with. It has been very freeing lately as I drop the validation from others, the worry of saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing. I know where I am coming from in my heart and willing to mend my own way. This is what I call is embracing ones healing journey. We have all of these things one can get excited about, events and games in general, but how is your life? Other people may get really excited with these things and then when it comes to your dreams, well, its like what happen to the excitement? Don’t you want to see me succeed? Are you not happy for me to create a beautiful living and career here?

It is easy to lean on the things that have already been created and brought forth. Though if you feel deep down that there is something more for you, it is up to you to really pursue that and commit yourself. Things are coming along very nicely here as so much has already been recorded for me. So we are having a lot of fun and giving a lot of thanks. A big part is journaling and seeing your own thoughts on paper, seeing all thoughts on paper and deciding the ones that you really want to entertain. A foundational practice is building a list of happy thoughts so that you can always go back to that and invoke a happy state of mind. Should not every one want to be happy and free?

And this brings us back to the intent and purpose of this post to help inspire others in leaving easy behind. Yes, there is a part of easy and competency though where do we establish that in the beginning. Maybe a competency was passed down and we haven’t really developed that inside ourselves where we can translate that into other areas and arenas. This is what is necessary in an ever changing world and reality. This is where an hourly wage job can be a trap. As I spoke to someone the other day, they were happy that their day was easy. We look forward to when we are done with work when fulfillment is in the work. The work is not the problem, it is just that we are not doing the type of work we really want to do. And this is what is going on in the world. So many people are miserable inside, doing work they do not want to because it is how they learned to be competent and make a living.

It begins with loving what you are already doing. Finding the love in the present. To understand that the day is a gift. It is like with another person I spoke with, it was well into the evening and they were apologetic for tiredness was arising. In which I congratulated them for a day well used as that is part of the objective, to go to bed, ready for bed. There may be issues going to rest in the evening because one did not do anything all day. To hear the bell in the morning and give it your all so that your not laying awake in bed, scrolling through your social media, wishing you had someone elses life. You were given a life to live yourself. Find the drive and understanding inside yourself to make it into something. It does not matter what hand you were dealt in life, there are countless inspirations of how people turned it all around and lived happy, successful lives. It is our responsibility and duty to make that happen. And so that is what I am focusing on while sharing what I can with what I have. Here are some of my organized thoughts for those that care. Love & Blessings

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