Student of The Universe Master Shane

Thinking of making this the theme of brand, been thinking a lot about branding and my story. Best I can do is be the change, example and let you see how my mind works while establishing a successful career. Helping others get of their but, rid the excuses and just let life live. Been through a lot and made it a lot worse or even all of it with the mind. We can think worse or allow worry to weigh our life. Thought about even just publishing works, in the sense of how having your own writing is so valuable for your own individuality and accomplishment. With the implementation of AI, it can be easy to just not want to write and understand how much it is for you, in your own development and self expression.

With also the advent of many products and services, its not that im trying to be the only one in town. I have seen a lot of crap and building a community, working together, can be a very difficult task. Can be even more of an illusion in spiritual circles, communities as the intent might be there. There can be a lot of things that we hide inside ourselves without realizing how much harm and damage it can do to ourselves and others.

I have partnered with others and looking to continue. Starting to talk about and sell products that I have used and truly believe in while also educating and selling how to build a personal brand. To learn and become good at business. There is network marketing, which is great, its still a business and a lot of people might not understand that anyone can learn but you have to learn business. And this is something that I am continuing to learn and understand in more simple terms. Because it does not have to be hard, it can be as simple as a lemonade or coffee stand. In India, you have food and street vendors everywhere it seems, we have certain days with markets here. Though it does not look anything like India. There are a lot of people it seems who are depending on street selling to make a living and support a family. And someone here does have a mobile coffee stand that they are promoting on Facebook, baller.

Creation is a part of it and working together is also a part. Almost like more important in today’s time as so much has already been created, its about sharing and repurposing. So will be getting into coaching and helping others get back on their feet. These teachings are for everyone and can help those who find themselves in a difficult situation. I have been in some very dark places that I do not wish upon anyone. It was only with hope and some love from others that I am here today standing on the earth. There are other contributions to that such as the medical field in saving my life. It is good to be alive and on earth.

: )

So, also just with documenting everything and sharing my healing journey as a student of the universe. Because yea, its great learning and telling people this and that and I’m not one to always respond well to that myself. The healing journey has always had the intent of being that, of being an example, sharing the journey because its not over. Inspired by potential, excited to see how far I can take it, all the way. You get to a certain point and there is not stopping. You sit idle for too long and getting started can be the most difficult part. Sharing my learning because its only really starting. Put down the book, journeyed inside myself very deep. Where it is almost like I have been living under a rock. Though it is part of my journey, in how I felt awkward growing up. And, I think we all have in some way. The part is overcoming, transforming it inside ourselves. To share the healing journey because there is so much trauma for us to release and allow to heal. Just beginning to identify that we are suffering, how much we are suffering in a big step for the collective. It has taken me awhile and needed to be done in steps.

It is important to find out what works for you. Will help build self confidence and esteem to accomplish things and live a healthy life. Who is to say what is possible, find the possibilities in your mind and heart. That is why what I do, the products i am releasing help many because of how much I have suffered and made it difficult. We can cut the crap and its a fine line between the appropriate amount of pressure so self discipline is the most important. It all comes down to how much you want it and the intensity of that desire, as well as the emotions. There are certain ways we learn so learning to learn is a big part of it. Helping others understand that hard work is not everything. I love working hard, but most people work hard and not much to show for it. It is estimated that the average person is worth about 85 billion dollars with the amount of energy that they can generate in their lifetime.

It is not about getting it perfect that is why it is me sharing my healing journey to help inspire others to embrace theirs. Our whole life can change in the blink of an eye and so many things can happen. Our job is to do our best and not take things for granted. It is all a miracle, blessing and a gift. We can understand that its all programming and that we have the power to reprogram ourselves. This journey is greater than just this one physical embodiment journey that we are immersed in, its about developing our consciousness so we all go through so many different physical things. It is what we learn, how we grow through it all that counts. And, count it does. Speaking from many death experiences and amazed at how I am able to walk today. There is no limit to how humble we can be but that doesn’t mean we have to live in poverty. We will be speaking a lot about that in spiritual terms and what it means to be broke to help bring forth hope to all. May you be inspired and filled with hopeful wonder, ready to engage in divine action. Many blessings

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