Taking Care of Self: Minding Your Own Business

Taking care of Self: Minding Your Own Business

Taking care of self is an idea, philosophy that I have seen as a book for years. It encompasses so much and seems to come back more alive.

It relates to minding your own business and my learning's on its importance.

As they use in personal development, during an airplane trip, if there were an emergency and needed oxygen, you would have to first give yourself some.

Otherwise, what will you do, hold your breathe, for how long?

It always opens up so many doors. At the end of the day there is nothing wrong with climbing the ladder of life but the hard thing to do is not step on anyone.

There are many reasons for it and self protection and benevolences is up there.

We all have to make money to survive and hopefully thrive. As we become more awaken and sensitive inside ourselves, we become more aware of the illusions and attachments. As some have taught, we suffer because we cling, we are entangle and attach ourselves. You can see this with peoples attention and energy.

Embrace your healing journey is a deep understanding and practice. We can say whatever we want but that does not mean that it is the truth. There are many spiritual truths, understandings, and insights that have come to surface today but the actual embodiment is still very rare. It is something that can not be truly spoken otherwise it loses a part.

There needs to be some sincere search for truth within. Which brings us to, the sacrifice.