What Am I Waiting On or For?

What am I waiting on or for? This is a new empowering question that I have been playing with. At one point, have to experience it for yourself, do your own experiments and see for yourself. I have been doing some interesting experiments and gaining a lot of clarity. Story of my life so far has been organization and structure. Now, I know why and to shift it. To just take that jump and figure it along the way. Writing first blog post in new office and community. It looks like there is plenty of space to practice and film yoga, among other things. Sometimes we get caught up in others drama and it is so empowering to review and review, to make sure that you are on your page. To tap into something deeper, a higher power inside of you.

Keeping good records is so important,. Though it is such a great tool that has not always been. Teaching and sharing with Internal Arts Mind on how to use to reprogram yourself. It all begins where you are but where are you? This is where most people are and where I have been and still are in many ways, awakening. We think that we know where we are though our worldview has constantly been evolving. It is easy to look back and think how unsmart we may have been though what were we working with. My world view has changed so much that I say we are the world experiencing reality. The power of where you are, opening yourself up to see more here now rather than think the grass is greener on the other side. There is no other side, all is one.

The power of being in the right place inside. Finding refuge inside yourself so that wherever you are, you are home inside yourself. This is where I help get to inside. Have had so much ambition and vision to become something in life though something was not clicking. Have to be in the right place inside yourself to focus and achieve. Have to surround yourself with people who want to see you win in life. This can be a difficult task as this world is designed differently. It is designed in such a way that you have to find it inside of yourself first so that you can truly see who is wishing you well and who is not. You can either be looking to grow or make others shrink to fit your current paradigm. And the ones that are stuck outside of themselves feel no other way than force others to shrink because they are stuck in their paradigm. I tried to do university many times and part of it is the energy. There are many reserved emotions that are held in causing unseen tension. As you find that inside of you and focus on it, you can attract it into your life.

Our guiding system is inside of us and have been reminded today as took a step to get new office. Looking forward to building more partnerships and making things happen quicker. Was at wellness centers before and I have nothing against them, will be making one at some point. The depth of my healing is very rare, not speaking from ego. It is just that, who really goes as far as I have and continues? I have almost passed from this realm many times in this lifetime through my spiritual thirst. I have been mostly listening and observing my whole life, looking to understand and feel good inside. Feel called to not work for anyone else, have to create my own path in life. Not just a hobbyist or weekender, this is my life and mission. Have had many people try to recruit me. One asked me what else I was doing and that kinda hit me in a good way. What else is there, nothing. Because I realized that negative experiences were replaying and following me around in a way. There had to be more than what most people were talking about. I experienced an amazing intimate relationship in high school and parts of college. After that experience, still trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I promised myself that I would love myself before another relationship as I realized I did not love myself at that time. There were so many things going on because I was in a state of confusion. It is easy to yearn for love from another but to unclutter yourself and find the love within takes deep courage.

That is a deep teaching getting deeper, the importance of a higher, deeper calling, power than just your 9 to 5. Who do you really want to work for? This is why the quiet desperation is real, why jobs are dream killers. You stick around enough and you start to think like that. Nothing wrong with it, thinking small attracts small things, small stepping stones. The reality is, a vision is a vision, big or small. We can only go to one destination or port at a time. I love Earl Nightingale. The power of thinking big is attracting big things. Taking a quantum leap. Many people may be stuck in surviving and getting by that their vision and thinking is their next meal. The power of digging deeper inside yourself for a greater purpose worth missing meals for. To keep your eye on the true prize because everything else just falls into place on its own. Instead of trying to force everything in its place, relax in your success and allow life to live.

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