What Do You Turn To?

What do you turn to in times of pressure? Do you fold under pressure or push on through?

Do you turn to your blog, if not, why not? Some thoughts passing by as I relax at a local coffee shop and reflect.

Making things more public, stepping into the light.

Been building movement and momentum, one step at a time. Sometimes we have to slow down to speed up.

It is about creating new habits and sometimes we have to overwrite some with persistence and patience.

This is such a great place and hope to make it as such. Not only for me but to help inspire others as well.

There are so many places to go in the world today and embracing my healing journey, focusing on what I feel I am here to create.

Writing is where it all begins for me and it is dear to my heart.

Learning business and going through a new challenge, 31 days of excellence.

This is for all my fans and audience, those who truly support us.

You know, we have so many resources and it is not always in the form of money.

We can support each other emotionally and mentally the more we embrace our healing journey.

We can resolve any negative emotion or personal agenda to help allow and work for the highest in all.

The journal is the base of what I teach. It is a great tool for self reflection and meditation.

It has allowed me to become very good at personal development.

It is not just an activity, it is a part of your life that helps you transform like never before.

How to free yourself from old narratives and dramas.

What is really stopping you. This is a core question with the 31 days of excellence challenge.

Embracing your healing journey is looking at potential limiting beliefs to help you better shape your paradigm, experience of reality.

Meditation begins with relaxing, it is creating some space and being able to see just how much you may have been worrying and stressing.

How we have been distracting, misleading, and mis-treating ourselves.

To consciously choose to override negative and harmful thoughts and emotions with self love and forgiveness.

Things have there place for a reason and its important to have some structure in your day.

To have a work space and reflection space. To get in your journal everyday and stay on track.

To review things you want to embody. Obsession and immersion are keys here.

It is your life, why not have your own space for it. It is up to you to love and forgive yourself. You do not need anyone s forgiveness but your own.

Many things have been passed down through the generations without realizing. Different triggers and psychological patterns.

Embracing your healing journey is a powerful way to build a broader perceptive and release old patterns to make room for new conscious patterns.

The thing is many people are working hard but are not scratching the surface of the sub conscious mind.

Without reprogramming the subconscious mind, the program will not truly change. And so the default will always find its place.

The thermostat will adjust things back to the real program.

The trick is to use the conscious mind to reprogram the subconsious mind.

This is what I felt early on, that there had to be a way to reprogram myself for happiness.

I realized that there was deep depression and sadness in my family line and I wondered if I could just reprogram my mind.

What has unfolded is something worth sharing and helping others.

No words can describe the true self love found inside oneself.

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