What Do You Want To Become Easier?

What do you want to become easier in your life? This question seems very empowering to me as I entertain it this mornings walk. Building, what I say, is the “Magical Morning”. I am on a quest of sorts and one of them has been to organize my life, including the knowledge or data. It has been interesting understanding the energies and here I seek to express myself and have fun. Blogging can be a great outlet, life is what we make it, and this is for my own self expression as well as the real audience that will receive from it. Seeking to be a man of value, the best that I can do is actualize my potential. There are a lot of things that have helped me along the way that I am promoting as well as things that I am creating. To help those who want to grow up, get their life together, do something and give back. I have always wanted to become something in business and tried to go through the traditional schooling. Blessed with a handful of incredible souls that have forever touched my heart. That is all that it takes and so I build my blessings list, no hit list here. This is about developing yourself to use your energies constructively for the benefit of all.

We organize as we go, as we look to refine our life processes and systems. Some times we are taught growing up, and sometimes we have to completely reinvent. We can see greener grass on the “other” side or we can look for the brighter side here now. As we go through life, we form habits and life processes, ways of doing things. Sometimes we can get so caught up in these that we forget ourselves. What do you want to become easier in your life is another form of the question of whether or not you want life to become easier or you want to become stronger. This is for those who want to grow in life, for those who want to be pure in heart. That is the difference maker here. There are many places that you can grow personally though this place is to be pure at heart. That requires a lot of inner strength, to challenge and push oneself everyday.

So what do you want to become easier in your life, do that. Because the more that you do something, the more it becomes a habit. Writing and reading are great examples. It can be very enjoyable and rewarding at a masterful level though it takes a lot of persistent effort to get to that level, it takes commitment. Commitment as in moving long after the initial motivation and inspiration has passed. It makes things a lot easier when you are taught it at an early age though not everyone is taught early on nor may they get it yet. Even if you think you are, what level are you at? Because it seems that most people do not understand speed reading or how to read. When you truly now how to read, scan for information, the desire for surface information because boring quickly. There is a vast ocean of knowledge for you to tap into to help you achieve your biggest dreams here now.

This is not about making someone else feel bad about themselves because they are not as good as a reader and writer as they hope to be. Know your hopes and keep working towards them. It is about the sense of dignity as a human being to begin with and to know that you are deserving and worthy of it. We take a lot of things for granted and it can be easy to take reading and writing for granted when if you look at the history books, it has been a huge part. And before books, everything was communicated through the spoken word.

Coffee is another example that we can take it for granted. It has changed society in a big way when you do research on it, it helped increased our productivity and intellect as a whole. As great as it is, it is a tool and the driving force must come within. Generally speaking, we have come to be over dependent on it as a stimulant, not in the sense that it is bad but in the sense that it shows a lack of rootedness in purpose. What are you really looking for, inspiration, motivation, simulation, maybe an increase in intensity, maybe a different state of consciousness. This is better achieved through a more balanced approach that incorporates physical and mental exercise. This is deeper and we will get into that as it relates to stimulation in general and the understanding that we have been taught to look outside of ourselves which can create dependence outside oneself. So what I am saying is to embrace “bordem” more in your life. When you feel the need to be comfort by something outside of you, take a couple moments to breath inside of you and feel whole and at peace. Make it easier to embrace the “dull” moments of life because life is not just happening outside of you, its happening inside of you. And the more that you can face this experience of dullness inside yourself, the more you can become alive inside yourself. People want you to think they are alive but many are quite dead inside. It is not the life outside that matters but the life within that lives on.

So what do you want to become easier in your life? Do you want it to become easier to face challenges and honestly express yourself. These are parts of life that we are all involved in. To grow up, we have to face challenges and solve problems. We all have something inside of us waiting to come out. Do you want it to become easier to accept money and be provided for, notice the wording here. We have been taught things growing up, programs and unchecked, they continue playing in the background. This is not about judgement and condemning, it is about forgiveness, mercy and change. So we can easily look at everything as a program, that’s it. It is just a program, neither good nor bad. The question is, what programs do you want running your life? For me, I have been taught to run away in life when the reality is that there is no where to run away from. So for me, I want to make facing myself easier, to make facing the truth easier. And to do that, we just need to be committed, always reviewing and nurturing. You can plant as many seeds in your life as you want, it requires great care and love to sprout and root so that it can learn to take care of itself in the proper environment. So I say face the so called dullness of life and really get inside yourself. Learn to speak to yourself nicely in love. We will be getting into that as I have been talking to the children.

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