What Is Really Going On Inside of Yourself?

What is really going on inside of yourself? Here I am, at the cafe with the beloved house coffee. Kavarna has been a big gathering place in the Green Bay area for some time now. And one of my hopes is to give back to Green Bay in different ways as I prepare for traveling and re location. It is a beautiful area and I have hopes of exploring more of the world. How do we connect and getting the ball rolling, building momentum inside of your life. There are a lot of things that I see now and as I release what needs to be released, it just flows. The progress is really inspiring as I sit here and can focus while several groups around me are engaged in drama talk. Are you engaging in dharma or drama talk? Even if you think you are talking about dharma, how do you know its not drama?

Here we are to make spirituality practical and simple, accessible to all. Sometimes we feel like we have something to prove so we use big fancy words that are intended to confuse the reader, listener or what have you. Maybe, maybe not, this is just a thought to meditate upon, that can provide value in one transforming their life. This is also to help inspire others in expressing themselves for healing purposes. That, there is a part of speaking and a part of listening, watching yourself. Your success, healing journey is your responsibility just as much as it is mine. We speak, think about anything we want, so how is it contributing to healing. Inspired to stand your ground in true light and love.

Now, I say true light and love because not all, so called, light and love is true. There are many things we can hide, to a certain degree, especially in today’s time. We don’t see what everyone is actually doing. We can build ourselves in meditation and sense our way through. It becomes very easy and noticeable about who is wishing you well and who is not. So, I like to see people do good and I like to notice the small things that matter most. What you see is for you, to get over the part of feeling like you have something to prove. It is for me because it touches my heart and helps me feel, come alive inside. Getting really good at just turning away from unholy things. Not that I am ignoring them, just that I choose not to consume them. There are many things going on in the world and first and foremost we all have to make a living. And the big thing here is to make a living, doing something you love, at least enjoy. Building a life you can enjoy, getting out of a rat race mindset that makes you feel like you always have to hurry, hurry, hurry. We get into this with the holistic being coaching and consulting. Not feeling like you have to sell people but seeking to be one of value, refining yourself, listening, observing, asking questions and providing service where you feel you can add value. Like speaking to begin with just come from a place of value. Yes, I dropped the should here because it is that important. It does not matter who you are or who you think you are, if you are not speaking value, then how will your life be of value. What type of life are you sharing and breathing into others. When we speak we are breathing into others if they allow, if they accept. And if we are not breathing value, then what are we breathing.

What is reality and what is the world. Who are you and what do you want to get really good at. What do you find difficult and worthwhile in overcoming. For me, lately, getting a lot better at just writing here and expressing. It would take me awhile to write a post but now through the motion and resistance inside self, I can feel it flowing much easier. And becoming more enjoyable. Always going back to that beginners part and embracing the challenge to become more. Like with working out and exercise, that is really starting to grow on me, though I have always enjoyed it, people have been throwing their emotions at me and been learning on how to not take that on. Part of exercising is that so sometimes we just have to push ourselves through though it is not everything as shifting is in the moment.

It is more so about building the lifestyle and habits in certain time blocks so that you do not have to think about your ideal life anymore, its just habit. And then you can focus and develop other things in your life. Though what life have we really been taught. This is where we get into the healing journey because at one point we have to journey within, back to source, to really know who we are. The average person thinks that they are a role or some part in life and so they miss parts of life. People outside of us reflect back into us so it is our responsibility to find our true self. Understand that others can help point, reflect but the wholeness, divine love is within you. It is only when we start to look within and understand this that we begin our healing journey and start to drop the suffering, the drama and all the b.s. It takes getting to that point where enough is enough and understanding that it is your healing journey. So the beginning points, you might be all inspired and want to recruit others in healing, not fully understanding that they reflect back into you. So there is a healing part of how serious you really are. There has been momentum and things created in your world that you have to over ride and transcend with love to fully show that you are ready to move on.

One of the biggest obstacles is, “I have been trying to tell so and so this and that”. This is a very common phrase that is expressing misunderstanding and a belief in not being heard. This comes from traumatic childhood where the adult is not fully conscious. The child is a reflect of that inner child within the adult. It is there to help the adult find their own youthfulness inside themselves rather then try to steal the youthfulness from the child. This is very deep and have to take steps, so please just understand that we are all on our own healing journey and the moment we stop learning is the moment we start “dying” inside. Life and death are inside and have nothing to do with the outer appearance. Just because someone is walking and breathing on earth does not mean that they are alive.

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